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Apr 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
with the cutbacks that we see, and unfortunately we see it also under the obama administration. we have something like 2200 osha inspectors for the entire country. if you were going to inspect every plant it would take 129 years for each plant to be inspected. that's not acceptable. >> john: is that the reason why they got away with it? i appreciate this is the defining argument of our times. are you going to have government oversight or are you going to allow the free market to take care of themselves. why do you think they were able to get away from inspections for so long. >> when we cover the facts on the ground, and we give names and faces to stories like this. this is not just an abstract story of policy, what we have to do in the media is show that when you have deregulation we're talking about the taking of lives, and that matters. and we need a media now that covers this in a regular basis the people of west, texas, are devastated. i don't see that changing unless--and it's not just republican or democrat thing. you have governor perry, a well- well-known republican governor wh
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
obama administration opposes cispa and issued a veto threat on it last week. there are important reasons why the privacy aspects of cispa haven't been addressed yet. >> john: okay. this is the third try for cispa. it was already rejected once by the house. rejected once by the senate and now easily moved through the house. let me ask you how has the bill changed and why is this time any different than before? >> one thing that's different this time, actually is there's been a surge of support on the democratic side for cispa. and that's something we didn't see in either of the two fights previously over the bill. >> john: fascinating. i'm guessing the support might have something to do with money? >> that's an interesting question you bring up, john. in fact, when you look at the lobbying members the proponents of cispa outspent those who opposed the bill by a factor of 38-1. so it's kind of amazing that even though the proponents of cispa spent so much money that the opponents of the bill still have the upper hand. cispa, you know, had the white house veto threat against it. and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2